Looking to the Future

There is now only a very small amount of new material to write for Henchmen, and there is a good chunk of editing, but nothing much new. This has freed up some creative space to start the warm up on the next project, so it’s ready and waiting to go full tilt when Henchmen is complete.According to the CGS masterplan, our next project should be a 'full' RPG, by which we mean one that has all the rules included rather than a supplement. We want to stretch and develop our writing and design skills, applying the lessons Henchmen has taught us. We have several game seeds in our collaborative files, some of which are on the website, but the number has grown past that as the muse strikes. New ones have been added so that there are plenty from which to choose. So the task now is to pick one that we feel is robust and engaging enough both to successfully kickstart and for us to pour a year of creative life into. It needs to be something with which we can create a game we’ll be proud of. We shall keep you updated as we work through the proccess