Henchmen and the future

The first release of our Fate world Henchmen has gone out to our Kickstarter Backers, as has a survey for them to report any errors or typos we have managed to miss. It wont be that long before we are in a position to collect shipping money and start sending out hard copies. This is a big moment for us and while the kickstarter will not be truly over until all the stretch goals are delivered, which might take some time, once the game is out to our backers and out for sale will be seminal. I shall do a kickstarter post mortem one the hardcopies have been sent to backers. We've learnt quite a few lessons which we need to carry forward.

Speaking of the future, looking at our scheduled, we decided we couldn't write Cyberissima in a year and that we needed to sharpen our writing and design skills further before tackling a full game. So we have shifted our next project to a Fate world with a working title of 'Brainjacked' set in a classic cyberpunk world it focuses on a group of characters who come to the realisation that their identity as elite cybermerceneries are nothing more than implanted memories. Influenced by Dollhouse, Philip K dick and of course Ghost in the Shell. It will deal with themes of control, identity and alienation. as well as investigation, action and cyborg violence. Currently this is in the outlining stage, along with a search for artists but we hope to kickstarter it this summer.

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